Especially now with gay marriage

Opponents of gay marriage claim that making this marriage between homosexuals legal can bring problems in the future especially when children are involved. Hodges — compare civil union. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

Despite the legalization of gay marriage, this topic will remain to be a contentious issue especially that not all can accept and will accept the idea of two people with the same gender to be married in a religious ceremony.

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  • Those who chose surrogacy have to decide whether or not to involve the gestational carrier in their family life. Powell, B.
  • L'Express in French.
  • Bolzendahl, C. A bill granting same-sex couples the right to marry and jointly adopt children was introduced to the National Assembly by the Socialist Government of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault on 7 November , with the support of President François Hollande , who declared his intent to support the legislation during his campaign for the presidency.
  • For his part, Sébastien Sauvé analyses the shortcomings of the legal system in Quebec as regards the protection of trans parents. Benstein, F.
  • The issues concerning parenthood and kinship engage sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and doctors as much as legal experts, and make for a research object that is as complex as it is fascinating to scholars hailing from these different disciplinary fields.

A growing number of clinical psychologists have started revising Freudian theory in light of new forms of parenthood; some of them are involved in clinical research with same-sex families, exploring how they work as well as the psychological development of their children Ducousso-Lacaze, , , ; Ducousso-Lacaze et Grihom, , ; Feld-Elzon, ; Heenen-Wolff, ; Hefez, , ; Naziri, However, as of the s, studies have avoided this bias Vecho and Schneider, Archived from the original on 22 December Public Senat in French.

They were also more loving and had higher levels of interaction with their children than did heterosexual parents. Prokhoris, S.

Especially now with gay marriage
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