It is notable for its discussion of homosexuality

Rick Warren's views on homosexuality

There are some theorists in the middle. Attitudes have changed radically in the past hundred and fifty years, swinging from casual acceptance to antagonism to guarded acceptance again. The question of precisely how cultures through history conceptualized homosexual desire and behavior is a matter of some debate.

What impact same-sex sexuality has upon one's social identity varies across cultures. The more conservative Friends United Meeting and Friends Evangelical Church considers homosexuality sinful; but other Friends, such as those in the Friends General Conference, strongly support equal rights for homosexuals.

For example the Confucians have the codex that a man should behave according to somewhat traditional male gender roles and a woman likewise. Personal integration, in this view, is the idea that humans, as agents, need to have integration between their intentions as agents and their embodied selves.

Forster earned a prominent reputation as a novelist while concealing his own homosexuality from the

it is notable for its discussion of homosexuality

On the other hand, the contributors to the debate on sexuality in The Freewoman were clearly less prudish and opened the way to a new perception of heterosexual intercourse. It was in many ways completely counterproductive.


It is notable for its discussion of homosexuality
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