Lesbian and gay male dimensions in the psychological study of human diversity

Conversely, those researchers who favor an emic approach believe that only through in-depth knowledge and skills particular to the specific cultural diversity at hand can a psychologist really understand, assist, or research a group or individual.

Some models do attempt to achieve a smaller version of this goal, by examining two or more axes of human diversity in connection with a particular professional practice e. Garnets 2. Monogamy and Polyamory, by Paula C. If general diversity models are expanded to account for the multivariate demography of those with multiple diversity axes, although they would be complex, their comprehensive and integrative nature would allow for a much more specific and precise examination and understanding of cross-cultural interactions.

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Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health. Thus, connections appear between the chosen circumstances of the conjugal arrangement and the way in which relations are built and maintained with the extended family Gross and Courduriès, Personal communication. Several studies have shown that the children raised in same-sex families are no more likely than others to suffer psychiatric conditions nor emotional or behavioral difficulties Bos et al.

Lesbian and gay male dimensions in the psychological study of human diversity
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