Main article: Homosexuality in the Hebrew Bible

Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality (Selected Scriptures)

Baker Academic. Christianity and sexual orientation Christianity and homosexuality Christianity and transgender people History of Christianity and homosexuality The Bible and homosexuality Queer theology LGBT-affirming churches Blessing of same-sex unions. Allegorical interpretation Literalism.

In a passage dealing with sexual misconduct, John speaks of arsenokoitia as active or passive and says that "many men even commit the sin of arsenokoitia with their wives". In Matthew , Jesus speaks of eunuchs who were born as such, eunuchs who were made so by others, and eunuchs who choose to live as such for the kingdom of heaven.

Most Jewish views still regard the sins of Sodom to be "failing to practice hospitality", and even though same-sex activities are condemned most harshly in Leviticus , the opinion that Genesis 19 might refer to any other sexual act other than with Lot's daughters is alien to most ancient Jewish tradition, the culture that brought forth or was inspired by the Old Testament.

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Main article: Homosexuality in the Hebrew Bible

Il faut que je lui fasse une aide qui lui soit assortie " Genèse Conference Presentations. Lecture du livre de Daniel , Paris, Les éd Finkelstein, C. Published in T. It is suggested that the combination of law and covenant was first established in Exod , and that the other law codes adopted the idea, together with an important number of laws more in the case of Deuteronomy than in the Holiness Code , from there.

Main article: Homosexuality in the Hebrew Bible
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