Maybe straight men and women should start suing gay sites coerced tolerance cuts both ways

Stacey Abrams Cons Her Supporters (Podcast)

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So when will gay. It is always about the bottom line. More and more these days, I feel like I am living in the bad parts of Atlas Shrugged. To settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by a gay man, the Christian-targeted online dating service eHarmony has been forced to open a matchmaking service for same-sex couples.

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  • This is nothing more than a nuisance lawsuit. Some gay whiner is going to claim that gays are ten percent of the population and therefore should also be ten percent of the eHarmony pool.
  • The issue here is freedom. Call me Twink, I'm a sweet and naughty boy, I love dancing.
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  • And when gays get outraged that Prop 8 ads told folks that their children would be forced to learn about homosexuality in grade school, let them remember things like this, which give the pretty accurate impression that gays have an insatiable desire for imposing themselves on everyone and that there is no limit or end to it.

I think EGALE has made it clear that registered partnerships are not acceptable to them and that they are prepared to continue in court for nothing less than marriage. Where parts of the mosaic wish to infringe on or extend their boundaries and interfere with the practice of other parts of the mosaic, the way they live out their beliefs and values, is where the courts and Parliament are most concerned.

As I reflect on this trend, it seems the principal challenge for this committee will be to look past arguments about sexual morality to the larger questions of the structure of marriage and the management of pluralism within Canadian society.

In the two decades since the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was passed into law, the fabric of Canadian life has been tested and tried for consistency with the ideal of pluralism. Liz Kelly is something of a litmus test for how I will engage or not engage with white women in a feminist setting.

Maybe straight men and women should start suing gay sites coerced tolerance cuts both ways
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